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"Forever Smile and life will never be dark"

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Max Beebe brings essence back to rock n’ roll. As a singer, songwriter, producer, and performer, Beebe blends a creative fusion of acid jazz and rollicking rock, backed by driving horns and house beats both artistically complex and electrifying. In a time when popular music gravitates towards the ordinary and simplified, Beebe defies those expectations with musical complexity and showmanship, created with fire and urgency since one never has a second chance at yesterday. New to club scene and drawing from a diverse roll call of influences ranging from Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson to Chuck Berry, BB King, and Aerosmith, Beebe continues to perform venues while compiling material for his first demo. His music embodies his ideology and artistic spirit: creative, singular, supportive, ambitious, and all-American. The force of life is his inspiration, celebrated in his soulful voice and driving pulse. Sunny Joe of Saga Communications’ WKNE called Max Beebe a prodigy. While his music demonstrates clear and distinctive natural talents and instincts, Beebe continues to hone his musical chops and challenge his artistic vision. The purpose of music is to unite through happiness and positivity.

Mission Statement

Let me show you a better world through my songs and melodies.


Close your eye's and step into my mind.


1. I will be on the air tonight with The Independent Podcast, February 15th at 7pm. I'll be doing an over the phone interview promoting my music video, Break Your Heart.

2. I Released my music video to my song: Break Your Heart on February 8th, 2015. It is located on YouTube, enjoy!



A collage of my life


I hope you enjoy my passion and ideas

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Through My Eyes

Through my eyes I picture a life without fear, desperation, and poverty. As a child we are all innocent, never realizing the truth about the world. Avoiding judging others, disguising the bad world in our mind's, and most of all we thought with our hearts. As the years went by we faded away from that happiness. So just imagine a life like it should of been, if you were still the child you were long ago. Who would you be? What dream would you of grasped? How would you be as a person? So just take that into consideration and maybe today you can start living the life you should be. Be the person you were when you came into this world. - Max Beebe

What Actually Happens When You Donate Your Organs

Five years ago this month we lost the joy of our lives . Our 17 year old daughter Makenzie Mia Goode was on her way to school and hit snow and ice and suffered a traumatic brain injury . There was no turning back . Our daughter was a fun vivacious crazy spirited athlete who loved soccer, her family, friends, and life. She was compassionate but also a strong defender on the soccer field and in life . After a long 48 hours we said goodbye to her as she slipped away. As a believer in God and heaven, I have the comfort of knowing that this is temporary and that we will be together in a better place for eternity.

As Kenzie's mom I am so proud of her choice to donate her organs to save lives. She saved six lives to be exact.. and countless others who are associated with these lives. I felt compelled to reach out to these people immediately however, It is a slow and confidential process . I have had the blessing of corresponding with five of Kenzie's recipients and actually meeting three of them. To hear their tragic stories of the lives they led during their illnesses and to now understand the new life that they've been given gives me joy and hope after such incredible sadness . When I learned that my 17 year old daughter's healthy heart was given to Larry, a 70 year old man, I had to pause and wonder. But, ahhh God made no mistake when he hand picked him. Larry is very funny and full of life and has a deep respect for this important task as he calls it, as the new caretaker of our daughter's heart. I asked him in one of my letters as I have asked each person ... If he has a new found fondness for an activity, or music, food, or whatever. He answered by saying " you asked if I have found any changes in my life after the heart transplant - and you know, I have. The biggest change I've noticed is that I have greater feelings for others. You know like when a heartwarming story is being told I tend to choke up more- I mean a lot more. I am an x-marine and really never allowed emotion like this before- I am sort of enjoying these new emotions. Maybe the new me is better than the old me. I do think that Makenzie is still living within me. ". Larry and I met this past fall at a butterfly consortium . It seemed the perfect setting . Kenzie's senior class shared a butterfly launch at their high school graduation that same year of her accident, in her memory. The butterfly signifies new life and has been a profound sign for all of us who mourn her loss. For Larry and I to meet was such a blessing . Three hours in this magical place with butterflies dancing and playing to symphonic melodies .. a little piece of heaven on that day. After we visited and I shared photos and stories about my sweet daughter we finally said farewell. As he walked me to my car he asked me if I would like to feel her heart? I responded by asking if I could listen to it . He allowed me to wrap my arms around his chest and place my ear over his new heart and I listened and listened.. The most wonderful music to this mom 's ear was the sound of my daughter's strong beating heart. Yes, because of you, Makenzie Mia Goode.....Life is Goode! - Marcy Robitaille

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